Avanafil vs. Sildenafil: Advantages and Drawbacks of Both Medications

Avanafil vs. SildenafilErectile dysfunction is a widely spread male disorder that is quite common for men over 40. However, the condition is getting increasingly developed among younger man. There are many reasons for the issue, including diverse spheres of life. Nevertheless, the best thing here is easy treatment and wide range of medications, which can eliminate the annoying and frustrating symptoms of impotence.

Generally, erectile dysfunction is a nasty complication that presupposes the inability to gain and maintain erection sufficient for successful and pleasurable sex. But, with the rapid development of erectile dysfunction treatments, the condition became easily treated. Viagra is a high-end drug that features an incredible level of effectiveness, dependability and safety. While the remedy gained appreciation and demand, its manufacturers have produced a range of other effective impotence treatments. The innovative formula of more recent ED drug versions exceeded the popularity of Sildenafil. Even though both Avanafil and Sildenafil have much in common, the triggered actions, safety considerations and other features differ greatly.

Effectiveness, Delivery and Performance after the Intake

Considering male sexual enhancement medications, quick and long-lasting effects are the key factors that are taken into account. Despite Viagra is known for its fast action, which occurs within 30-60 minutes after the remedy intake, Avanafil managed to beat these indexes having average effect time reaching maximum 30 minutes. In certain cases, patients witnessed the desirable results in 15 minutes after Avanafil use.

Duration is another essential issue that cannot be omitted. Sildenafil features a 4-hour effect, which means you need to administer another pill afterwards. However, due to the safety issues, you cannot use more than one pill each 24 hours. Consequently, a man can enjoy only 4 hours of satisfactory sex during the day with Viagra. Avanafil, on the other hand, stimulates over 36 hours of potent action.

Potential Side Effects and Complications Avanafil and Sildenafil Can Trigger

If you view safety points of both erectile dysfunction treatments, it is important to mention hearing problems and fainting complications reported by Viagra users. These abnormalities are frequently occurring apart from usual side effects. Using Avanafil you also risk getting increased blood pressure and related cardiac disorders.

Benefits of Avanafil over Viagra

Generally, the choice of a more effective and advantageous erectile dysfunction pill remains individual, though, following the analysis, you can claim Avanafil better than Viagra in several points.